About Us

With a 360-degree focus and approach to catapulting sports in the country to world-class standards, while keeping the culture and heritage of individual sport intact, ProSportify, as the name suggests, is all for complete Indian sporting excellence and professionalism. With a laser-like focus on and philosophy of ensuring a level playing field for Indian sports persons so that their talent can be fine-tuned to international standards, ProSportify intends to synchronize respective sporting bodies in the country, infrastructure, equipment, training and coaching processes and even the science and technology behind it all, so that the diverse elements can come together simultaneously and harmoniously, aided by the world-class business acumen that ProSportify symbolizes and will bring to bear to build and market sports in India and worldwide. ProSportify believes that it is only such a 360-degree focus and approach that can ensure that all stakeholders and viewers are happy and sports in the country flourishes. To that end, ProSportify will have diversified interests in sports and leagues in the country so that Indians can excel at global sporting events and usher in a new era.